Emotional Support Animal: Your rights under the Fair Housing Act

Posted on Aug 10, 2023.

The presence of an emotional support animal to help the owner navigate and cope with mental conditions such as anxiety and panic attack is protected under the Fair Housing Act and grants individuals with such disabilities in their homes, hotels, and public areas regardless of "no pets" policy. The United States government protects and recognizes disability rights to keep emotional support animal under the federal law.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits housing providers, hotels, and public access areas from discriminating against individuals with mental disabilities. It is always best to ask permission and have your ESA letter handy when travelling with your pet. 

Acquiring an ESA letter can bring it's own challenges, including legitimacy of the ESA letter. At Painting Miracles Inc. Behavioral Health and Clinic, we have simplified the process of acquiring a legitimate ESA letter. Call us today and learn more or start by registering your pet with PMinc. Go to payment tab to begin the process of registering your loving pet as an Emotional Support Animal.

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